Specific Spinal Adjustments

Educating Patients on Chiropractic Care in Hollywood

We strive to provide the finest care in handling the spinal adjustment of our patients. A correct spine is essential to leading a better lifestyle as it reduces chronic lower back pain. Having your spine realigned allows you to enjoy physical activities stress free. Our physicians have experience adjusting the spines of all ages including infants, children, and pregnant women. While we use traditional manual spinal adjustments, we provide other techniques in order to adjust your spine accordingly and safely.

Napoli Chiropractic & Medical Center provides spinal adjustment using:

  • Different Adjusting Instruments
  • Special Tables for Adjustment Purposes
  • Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Spinal adjustment is the basis for a better lifestyle. It normalizes spinal joint function, reduces lower back pain and restores the health of your spinal cord. With our friendly physicians, we ensure your spine is corrected in no time. Contact us at (954) 987-2229 to set up an appointment for specific spinal adjustments.

Why Napoli Chiropractic & Medical?

  • Board Certified Physicians
  • Licensed Massage Therapy
  • Medical Doctor on Staff
  • Free Parking
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  • Individualized Patient care